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Introducing DermaCo Pro Vx Skin System to

Allure Beauty Lounge



This treatment enables us to remove the surface layer of dead skin cells revealing a brighter more flawless complexion. A course of treatments is recommended.


BIOLIFT-non surgical face lift

Emitting a small amount of current into the muscle helping to lift and tone weakened facial muscles, increasing cell renewal and tightening of sagging skin. A course of 10 treatments is recommended, much like going to the facial gym!



Increases cell regeneration, collagen production and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkes.  Also breaks down fatty deposits, improves blood circulation and relaxes muscles. Skin is visably tightened and smoother.



Using different coloured light to treat various skin issues. 

Red - Anti-ageing, stimulating collegen and elastane production.

Blue - Anti inflammatory/anti bacterial effect.

Green - Soothing irritation, reduces redness, anti inflammatory

Yellow - Encourages lymphatic drainage, helps in detoxifying the face and body



Thermotherapy gently warms the skin, increasing blood circulation and opening pores and preparing the skin for other treatments.

Cryotherapy cools the skin closing pores, locking in moisture.

We can offer various treatment options

Microdermabrasion or Biolift on their own. Although you will see a result after just one treatment we recommend a course of 6 or 10 to truly get the best results.  On completion of a course, maintenance appointment will be advised.


The Ultimate Dermaco Facial. This will use all applications of the machine taylored to your skin needs and your expectations.


Please call, email or pop in if there are any questions you need answering. 

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